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Aged Care Massage


Aged care massage is a very different technique to younger aged patients. Each treatment is specifically tailored to suit the physiological presentation of the patient.  The massage is gentle and caring and in addition to the physical benefits also benefits emotionally as many older patients are missing the energy that is transferred through human touch.

Age Care Massage has been known to deliver the following benefits:

  • Improves circulation

  •  Alleviates pain, stiffness in joints and increases flexibility

  • Eases back and neck pain

  • Soothes and calms

  • Eases anxiety and depression


Where is the massage performed?

This is entirely up to the resident and dependent on the level of mobility.  Massage may be performed on your bed, in a chair or for those more active we have a portable massage table that we bring.

Do I have to be undressed?

No, massage can be performed through clothing

Do you use oils?

In most cases no oils or lotions are used, but this is entirely up to the resident

Can I claim the treatment with my healthfund?

Yes I am a healthfund provider so if you have the appropriate cover, I give you a receipt to claim for your healthfund


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