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I have a massage therapy clinic located on 63 Fiddaman Road, Emerald Beach,  Coffs Harbour. Grindas Massage is available for treatments Monday to Friday by appointment only. 

Where you can receive treatments? 

A wonderful and relaxing haven where holistic care is the sole focus of your treatment. Each treatment is tailored to suit the individual.

Treating - physical and sports complaints through to stress and lifestyle imbalances. 

Reward your Employees, lift that conference, attract customers to your stand at trade fairs. We will bring our massage chair to your site and invigorate each individual. The benefits are numerous. Packages tailored to suit your needs and budget. 

If you are unable to get to the clinic - then mobile is the choice for you. I provide mobile service for those that
 are immobile.

Special Events 
Girls Pamper Nights and Grooms Wedding Days are especially popular.


Health Fund Provider Status ATMS 11975
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